The Havana Bananas are a Cuban professional baseball team based in the country's capital Havana. The Bananas franchise currently competes in Reddit League Baseball as a member of the Eastern Conference (EC) Southeast division. Since 2020, the Bananas have played in Castro Field in Havana, La Habana. The team's name, Bananas rhymes with the city it plays in, Havana.

Franchise History

The Bananas franchise was established in 2016 as the San Jose Rattatas, an expansion team awarded to the state of California as the states first RLB ballclub. Upon losing 100+ games for the 4th season in a row, the franchise went bankrupt, was sold to the Country of Cuba and formally rebranded before the 2020 season.

 Notable Current and Former Players 

Hall of Famers

Havana Bananas Members of the RLB Hall of Fame
  • Joseph Crawford
  • Rafael Diaz
  • Steve Dillard
  • Bill Harrington
  • Jesús Quiñones

Players and managers listed in bold are depicted on their Hall of Fame plaques wearing a Bananas cap insignia.

Retired Numbers

64-Ramon Ramirez

Historical Logos and Uniforms

GM History

Name Years
smugglinggrapes 2016-2018
Silvart 2018
samam 2019-2032, 2034-2049
Crime Dog 2032-2034
Daoceanphantom 2050-Present

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